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Costales Nature Farms, nestled at the foothills of mystical Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay Laguna, is the premiere agri-tourism destination in the Philippines. Our farm tour packages cater to anyone who wants to relax and experience farm life for a day or two. Learn the basics of integrated organic farming and enjoy the amenities of the farm. Established in 2005, Costales Nature Farm now one of the major single producer of organic high value vegetables and herbs for the Bistro Group, Moment Group, Solaire Resort & Casino, Cibo, Dizon Organics, Dalcielo, Shangri-La Hotel among others. Our farm facility also produce organic chicken, eggs and pork available at Healthy Options, Shopwise and Rustan's for those who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Processed organic pork meat products was also recently launched and will soon be available in major supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide As an accredited private extension service provider for the Agriculture Training Institute (ATI) of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Department of Tourism (DOT), Costales Farm provide workshops for those who wish to learn about sustainable organic farming and farm tourism.  


  • The ORGANIC HOG PRODUCTION JOINT VENTURE PROGRAM is between Costales Nature Farms and a shareholder to grow certified organic pigs inside Costales Nature Farms in Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna. It has a 50-50 revenue sharing scheme to be settled every six months for every batch. Growing of hogs per batch may be simultaneous or staggered depending on the availability of the pig pen.
  • This joint venture will increase the volume of production of organic hogs that has a high demand in the market especially for our clients like Healthy Options, Shopwise, the Porkganic dealers, etc. It is also expected to attract farm visitors at 300 to 500 people per month. Costales Nature Farms is the country’s leading Organic Farm and the Farm Tourism Destination accredited by both DA’s Agricultural Training Institute and Department of Tourism.
  • Pigpen capacity: 1 batch of 6 pigsBusiness Model: Carcass sold to clientsInvestment per term:Short term (2 batches, max 1 year) – Php 42,000Mid term (4 batches, max 2 years) – Php 84,000Long Term (10 batches, max 5 years) – Php 210,000
  • Projected Payback Period: Right after the term availedInvestment ownership: Min. of 6 mos., max. of 5 yearsProjected ROI: 112%Projected income per term: 12%For WAITLISTING

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ORGANIC HOG PRODUCTION (please see investment description above)

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