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December 10 & 11, 2021

Alay Sa Ka-TGFI Year End Event

“Alay Sa Ka-TGFI” is the year end event of The Global Filipino Investors, wrapping up its 2021 eventful year by giving back to the community, uplifting those who were greatly affected by the pandemic and preparing them for 2022.


Event Schedule

Event Schedule

(December 10, 2021)

(December 11, 2021)

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The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) is a community geared to promote financial literacy to improve the financial well-being of every Filipino. Founded by a diverse and passionate group of Pinoy investors and entrepreneurs in the different parts of the world, TGFI is in a quest to break the endless cycle of Filipinos mismanaging their wealth or entering the wrong investments due to the misgivings of a lack of proper financial education program in the country a consequence that often leads to broken dreams and broken families.

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